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About Psi-Ontic

Psi-Ontic was founded by Alan Martin, a highly experienced management consultant, former automotive industry executive and Ph.D. Quantum Chemist. Alan collaborates with a network of trusted and experienced consultants.

Our business strategy work has included:

  • Top-level strategy work to redefine Corporate direction

  • Strategic Adviser roles in numerous M&A deals

  • Project Management for large Merger-Integration situations

  • Numerous operations improvement assignments in all parts of the value chain

  • Technology and Innovation Strategy assignments in diverse industries

  • Strategic support for technology start-ups

  • M&A transaction support for Private Equity Clients

Why Psi-Ontic ?
Although there is no agreed understanding of the physical meaning (if any) of quantum mechanics, interpretations of quantum mechanics fall into two main categories - Ontic and Epistemic.
Ontic interpretations consider the quantum state
 "Psi" to represent a physical reality. Epistemic interpretations regard "Psi" as just providing an observer with some information about a specific measurement on an observed system. We prefer to believe in reality, as did Einstein:

"I like to think that the moon is still there, even when I am not looking at it."
The theory of quantum mechanics is far from settled, and future developments may have a significant impact on the successful realization of Quantum Information Technology and Quantum Computing.

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